Love through the Lens: 7 Tips for Making Better Photographs

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I must have inherited my love and appreciation of great photography from my father.  You can always tell who the family photographer is – they’re the one that is always behind the camera and never in any of the photos. Although this is less true in the ‘selfie’ age that we now inhabit. My father learned his photography long before digital became the norm – he worked with manual settings, rolls of film and dark rooms. In fact I think it was only last summer mid way through a holiday in the Black Forest, that he emailed my sister and I his #selfiefirst –  he and my mother sitting on a bench, smiling widely, half way up a Bavarian mountainside. This really was quite a moment in our family!

Daddy selfieThere they are …. say ‘hello’

My husband bought me my first digital SLR camera on one of our early trips to Sa Riera, our happy…

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On The Day My Friend Sang With Jessie J!

Wow what a wild day it’s been today, my Twitter has gone a bit mad as people have ReTweeted an article I wrote on Blazing Minds about my friend, Caz, who was invited on stage at the Rhyl Pavilion to sing with Jessie J, yes THE Jessie J.

The Tweet from this morning

Suffice to say as soon as the article was posted up on Facebook as well, it started going a bit wild and although you can’t see the amount of times it has been viewed here on the blog, it is well in to tens of thousands.

So now it’s over to you dear reader, please hit that ReTweet button on the Twitter above and while you’re at it, hit the like button as well for the Facebook and don’t forget to share it will all your friends as well, I know Caz will be over the moon with all your social media love in spreading the word of her lifetime ambition which finally came true at the Rhyl Pavilion.

You can read the full article on Blazing Minds at Rhyl Singer Takes To The Stage With Jessie J.

Big Lottery Fund Wales’ Most Popular Blogs of 2014

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2014 was a busy year for us at the Big Lottery Fund in Wales; we distributed £100,000 a day to projects, launched exciting new programmes, increased our social media following and covered stories about our fantastic projects working across Wales.

Julie Murray Julie Murray

My favourite was “This programme saved my life”  in which Julie Murray explains how our funding changed her life for the better and continues to makes a difference to the lives of people suffering with bipolar disorder.

 Here is a recap of our most popular blogs of 2014

  1. “This programme saved my life”
  2. Let’s work to make the future for LGBT people a bit brighter!
  3. Families Reunited Through ‘Invisible Walls’
  4. Big Lottery Fund steps in to tackle increasing obesity rates
  5. Meat Free Mondays for Carnivores!

What was your favourite?

What would you like us to write about in 2015? Let us know your ideas in the comments below.

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Katy Perry Planning To Diss Taylor Swift During Super Bowl Performance

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Katy-cats, prepare yourselves — you will hear her roar! During Katy’s halftime performance at the Super Bowl on Feb. 1, has learned EXCLUSIVELY that she wants to show Taylor who’s really on top and plans to diss her!

It’s no secret that Katy Perry30, and Taylor Swift, 25, have one of the biggest ongoing feuds in Hollywood. Now that Taylor has taken over the music scene with huge success from 1989, Katy wants to “show she is the biggest female act,” while performing at the 2015 Super Bowl. can EXCLUSIVELY reveal what Katy has up her sleeve!

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I Now have an Official Facebook Page

So today, I took the decision to grab myself my Official Facebook Page, you can see it in the side bar already here on Life’s Challenges.

The decision was made because, I really wanted to keep my personal profile, well, personal and I did want something else for the other public stuff, so hence the Official Karen Woodham Facebook Page!

This will now allow me to post up other stuff that is more for the public view than the personal view, for events that I may be attending that people may be interested in and much more.

Don’t worry the Blazing Minds Page is still going to be the same as it has always been, but this new profile, gives me the chance to post more human that just for Blazing Minds.

So please stop on by and follow the new page, see you there.

A Night Of Comedy and a Slight Bit of Insanity

Yes folks, last night was an amazing night as I spent the evening with Noel Fielding at Venue Cymru in Llandudno, it was certainly a while and crazy night with some outlandish performances and laughs.

Please check it out on the official Blazing Minds website at We Spent an Evening with Noel Fielding at Venue Cymru..

‘Game of Thrones’ cast signs on for 7th season, with reportedly ‘huge’ raise

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[ew_image url=”” credit=”Helen Sloan/HBO” align=”left”]HBO’s Game of Thrones cast is sticking around for awhile. The network has resigned the bulk of the current main cast through a presumed seventh season.

The premium network has locked down the acclaimed fantasy hit’s cast for another two years, sources say. But according to THR, which first broke the story, the seventh (and presumed final) season came at a high cost. In exchange for agreeing to a seventh season option, the cast received “huge raises” for the currently shooting fifth season, along with the sixth and seventh. The raises “will make the cast members among the highest paid on cable TV.” HBO had no comment on the report.

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A 9/11 photo returned after 13 years

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Cover photo courtesy of the Prints and Photographs Division. Library of Congress, USA.

Days after the tragic events of 9/11 a photo was found in the streets. It came from an office on the 77th floor of the South Tower. 13 years later it was returned to the owner. This is an incredible story about the power of social media and how people from around the world can come together.

“I knew it was going viral. Every tech device we had in the house started going crazy beeping and dinging with alerts. It was wild,” says Elizabeth Stringer Keefe. Every year on September 11 she posted the photo, hoping someone somewhere would know who was in it.

In this interview she shares the story about how the photo was first found, the process of locating the owner, and how she cried when she finally did.

The photo of a happy wedding party, lost at Ground Zero on September 11, 2001, belonged to X. The photo of a happy wedding party, lost at…

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It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it and that someone was me!

What can I say, the other day I had a really tough job to do, a review of an event at the local theatre that was probably one of the strangest jobs that I have done when it comes to reviewing a show, suffice to say, the reviewing went very well and I did get to work with some rather big muscle men. But hey, as I said it’s a tough job and someone had to do it and it was me that had to do it.

So if you would like to learn more about this little event from The ADONIS Cabaret Show (Hollywood Strip) then please, click the image above and check out the article and see some more of the pictures from the evening at the Rhyl Pavilion, don’t worry there aren’t really any rude ones in the article …. Or are there?!!!!

Fancy Winning Guardians of the Galaxy on DVD

Good morning folks, just a head up on this one, over on Blazing Minds we are running a Giveaway for a copy of Guardians of the Galaxy on DVD and what’s really cool, is there are other Guardians based prizes being added during the contest.


So if you fancy your chances of winning, here’s how you can enter:

Simply stop by Blazing Minds and enter the Guardians of the Galaxy DVD Giveaway, I would have put up the code to enter direct from here, but WordPress didn’t allow it. Good luck everyone and don’t forget, every entry you make, the better the chances of winning.

Good Luck :)


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